Sweat Lodge

Basic Sweat Lodge Teaching

Peter Beaucage – Oct 2014

Manidooswaan. Spirit House or house of the spirit

Sweating is only 5-10% of what happens in the sweat lodge. 95% is interaction with kizhemnidoo – our spirit.

It is dark in the lodge, We will use our spirit. We will communicate with our spirit. The spirit that belongs to the creator – JiiBy.

We arrive by the eastern door. The creation story began where there was nothing . Creator sent his thoughts into the vastness of nothing. His thoughts are the very first sound that ever was. Those shakers in the lodge are the sound of our creators lodge. We sing the songs. When our spirit comes into the world in the physical body, we begin our physical journey. Our physical body stays here. Our spirit leaves and continues on our journey.

The people in the lodge are looking for their direction on the road. The grandfathers will be brought in.

The bottom level of the lodge is where we live. Then there is the sky world, then the star world., then where the spirit dwells, where our ancestors await us. Then we see the beautiful lodge where our ancestors have made for us. Where our spirit knows our name, where our names come from. The lodge keeper has to know these levels.

The directions talk about no end. They go on forever and ever. People will be put in the four doorways of the lodge. A fire is built. The fire has a role and responsibility. Fire keeper keeps the fire going to keep strength of the fire to give us strength inside.

The teachings in the language mean much more. But English is the best we have right now.

4 songs are sung. The first two songs are invitation songs. They travel to all of creation. Spirit realm knows there is something going on. All the animals, the ancestors, they know something is going on.