13 Moons Larry McLeod


Larry McLeod Shabogesic

The birch bark scrolls were hidden.

Eddie Benton Benai wrote the Mshoomis Book in 1972 and caused much controversy. There was an upheaval. Now it serves as a guide.

We didn’t listen when we were young, to our own teachers. We were being indoctrinated in the school institution systems.

Why do the lodges change 4 x a year? Because the sun come up at different times.

Some of the original teachers were:

Albert Waid, Peter Ocheese, Alex Skeed, Eddie Benton Benai, Dan Pine,

Angus Pontiac.

Mary McQuabbie,s family were the last family to live at Wigwam Point.

Larry teaches the 13 moons on turtle’s back. The round calendar has a 28 day cycle x 12 plus one extra day because of leap year. The square calendar has 28-31 days.

Kanaag knows 2 worlds: land and water.

In this life, we govern ourselves by the square calendar.

If a month has 2 moons, it changes the cycle. Ie: the geese follow the moons, not the calendar dates.

When we use the square calendar, we could be off of the natural calendar by 12-15 days. Nature, the animals, plants, old people, all follow the natural calendar.

The 2 calendars are in opposition.

Mnidoo ke – Looking for the spirit

Mnidoo swit minwa mnidoo skaaning are learning lodges

Mnidoo giizis – little spirit. The little spirit was born

Bear Trail – Bear Life cycle – Mid winter. February – bear gives birth to her young ones.


Bear follows the cycle of the medicines.

We can do layers to this calendar. Plants, trees, fish, ceremonies.

Jean Baptiste kwe (McQuabbie). Used to live at Rene Fisher’s home. There was an old house there. She would tell stories about constellations. The last place she lived was at Louis McLeod’s house. She was in her 90’s in the 1970’s. Sarah Fisher (Sala).

Language and events need to happen according to the seasons.

Larry has a teaching of how the natives hid their spirituality in the roman catholic religion.