Carol Hopkins _ Apr 29/14

Our Gchi Naaknigewin has to be central as a driver to the Strategic Plan. Gchi Naaknigewin is our directive. Everyone has a responsibility to follow and deliver Gchi Naaknigewin. All staff are responsible.

Output – accomplishment. You created something. Strategic Plan

Outcome – What difference we made in our strategic plan.

Challenging the funders and show them our strategic plan as a filter.

Wellness Framework: identity * Values * Connected to where we come from *

The outcome is hope (foundational) – spirit.

Suicide is no vision at all.

Leaders leave a legacy – an imprint. It has more to do with what you do for others. What story are we leaving behind.

Inspire people to think for themselves. Celebrate accomplishments. There is no destination. Ongoing.

Breathe spirit into things – ceremony. Flatten out the hierarchy

There are three different levels of wellness:

Do you know where you come from? Connected to the land.
Disconnection from sense of belonging – wellness

Help people connect to their identity to explore their inherent gifts, clan and name. Where do I belong in creation?

Ontario Works did vision boards – but besides western skills, need to add cultural knowledge skills.

Partnerships ensure continuity & integration as opposed to separate. It is mutually beneficial.

People have to be educated to know that the land does not belong to us, we belong to the land

Our first accountability is to the spirit. We are accountable to creation. How do we demonstrate this?

One unifier is prayer. Prayer as a foundation. NFN needs one prayer in the language that is universal for the constitution. To acknowledge the creator as the creator of life. Where our life comes from. We want to ensure good life for all people.

Seeds are being modified not to germinate. To depend on corporations. People are looking for tobacco seeds, old corn seeds. They are a symbol for potential for life.

A recent study (marcus) showed that 23% of staff population are actively engaged in pursuing that Strat Plan; 50% are sitting on the fence; 27% are actively sabotaging it. Internalized oppression. Hoarding information, gossip, discrediting. We can move that 50% to being active by using their inherent gifts.

Ask the right questions on the Strat Plan, timelines..on objectives. Describe what it looks like & outcomes. Describe with staff and articulate the outcomes. Are the changes healthy?

NFN is still a fishing community, agriculture, we still pull together, we still have women leaders, we still have our own dialect.

Describe what culture is, to the community. How are we going to restore them?

Cultural Competency: that we are confident that we know what our culture is. We have to support it consistently.

Cultural Safety: program design, policies, facilitate a connection to the culture.

With staff, have a conversation with our staff to create a collective story.

*Define your culture and stand up and be that*

Ie: funders – let them know about our constitution and strat plan and how they can fit in.

We have to stop conforming.