Story of Nipissing

Gaa-Bi Kidwaad Maa Nbisiing: A Kii, Bemaadzijik, E-Niigaanwang – The Stories of Nbisiing: The Land, The People, The Future.

A soon to be published book has been authored by Glenna Beaucage, manager of the new Culture & Heritage Dept. from NFN and Katrina Srigley, a historian working at Nipissing University. The book is based on the stories of and about the people of Nbisiing. The stories were gathered beginning in 2010 from a project. The stories were gathered by personal interviews that were advertised within the community, by public community forums, and by extracting information from other research documents that were conducted previously. This book is a cumulation of all of these stories, for the purpose of having information available to empower our people, and to create school curriculum within the school systems. At this time, copies of the draft book are within the community with the elders, and other community members who were present at the presentation of the overview of the book at National Aboriginal Day held on June 19/15. The book is being edited by the people who do have them, to ensure that the stories are captured in the true way they were shared, and to ensure, proper grammar, etc..
The stories are presented in each chapter from a historical aspect to the present. The stories unfold as: our origins, our language, the land, the people, the teachings, education, recreation and leisure, well-being, water, fish, etc. including an anishnaabe word list in the appendices. The appendices also include information on our veterans and chiefs and councils.

It is our hope that our young people will use this information and be inspired to delve further into our history by further research, and that we continue to make public our true history. We also hope that the story leads us to a path for a better future.

On this website, in the near future, we will have uploaded the documents used in creating the story for all to see.